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System Design And System Engineering 

With over 6 years of real world experience and knowledge in audio System design and system engineering, we can provide and design a system that meets your needs and requirements with most of the top spec audio systems on the market. l'acoustics, D&B, Martin Audio, TW Audio, Turbo Sound and RCF we can also provide budget sensitive audio systems that will preform and meet your requirements. 

with our qualified Engineers you know you'll be in safe hands, our engineers are trained with the industry standard software For Design; Ease Focus, Array Calc, Display 2 and 3, and Sound Vision. 

our engineers are also trained in the installation and operation of most systems and trained in the system processing software to optimise the audio system with Lake Processing, R1, LA Network Manager, RDNet, VU Net, armonia net and the Very new Outline Newton. 

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